About Us

Marketing Innovators Embrace Innovative Display Technology

The marketing and design innovators at Kore Image have partnered with several international interactive display and technology companies to form Kore Image Technologies. Display technology is currently in the forefront of the communications and entertainment markets with refinements being made in interactive technology for touch screens, 3D, and large format projections. Kore Image Technologies provides high-quality interactive and non-interactive screen materials, displays, and transparent holographic films for a wide range of applications that include retail, corporate, entertainment, and public areas.

Touch screen interfaces and devices, such as the iPad and iPhone, have taught consumers how to interact with a screen, and as a result, consumers have come to expect a certain level of quality and depth of experience from touch screen technology. For marketers, touch-based systems offer a completely new toolset for reaching consumers by providing a platform that places the consumer in control of the experience.

At Kore Image Technologies, we strive to make your message stand out in new and exciting ways by providing quality experiences through interactive and touch-based technologies.