Projection Surfaces


Nexy HT Rear Projection Screen

Nexy HT is a near-opaque Ambient Light Screen with a high contrast ratio of 500:1 and less than 0.06% reflection of light projected onto its surface.

The combination of Black Shelf Design and the near-opacity of the Nexy make it an ideal solution for most high ambient light conditions found in storefront windows.

The Nexy HT has a higher gain than its Nexy HD sibling.

In planning your installation, note that the opacity of the Nexy HT is such that virtually no projected light will pass through the screen. The best image will be achieved with the projector positioned at 15° to 30° off center, with either a floor or ceiling mount and the HT screen properly oriented.

Nexy Ambient Light Screens are offered in sizes ranging beginning at 60 inches diagonal (1524 millimeters) right up to 32 feet across (10 meters across).

Recommended uses:

  • Digital Signage
  • Information Kiosks
  • Board Rooms
  • Control Rooms
  • Home Theatre

Nexy HT Specifications:

Vertical Viewing110°
Horizontal Viewing160°
Thickness 500 µ
Roll Width36 inches (915 millimeters)
Seamed Roll Width72 inches (1830 millimeters)